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The BitStarz Casino is built and run by an experienced team of iGaming boffins who are hard at work delivering the best casino experience there is. Casino games are pretty awesome and we love playing them as much as you do.

We’ve done away with that old-fashioned ‘money’ stuff so we are introducing a casino that only deals in Bitcoins.

We care about giving our customers the best experience, as well as helping them save their hard-earned cash. That's one of the reasons we are such big fans of bitcoin, a virtual currency that we believe is the way forward.


Not only do we have a fantastic selection of great games, but all of them are 100% fair. Sometimes it's easy to be suspicious when the roulette ball always lands on the wrong number or you just keep busting out in blackjack. Not only do we use the best random generator in class when drawing the outcomes of a game, but we also let you as a player influence the results directly. We want to show you how truly fair and transparent we are, so at the end of every game you also have the option to immediately verify that the results of the game were not altered in any way. No smoke or mirrors here.

We know you don't like to wait. That's why we treat our players like stars and make sure all their questions and issues are resolved instantly. Our friendly Support Stars are always just a click away and are more than happy to help with anything that may be bothering you. We also love getting your feedback, suggestions and comments so why not pop in and say hi.

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